Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i spent the last week of 2008 and the first week of 2009 in egypt. i took many pictures of hieroglyphics. even though i don't know what they mean i find the artwork beautiful. all are just the color of stone. the paint has long faided away, but i was in some tombs that where so colorful it looked like they were painted yesterday. we weren't allowed to take pictures in the tombs. so my paintings, the color i make up in my mind. this is my first painting this year 2009. it is 16 by 24 in. oil on canvas. it is the first coat of paint so it needs to dry before i work it to completion. i will sell it for $300. i plan to paint many in this style. watch my blog from time to time for my latest works.

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John said...

Hey Steve, very nice painting. Looks like you had a good time. I got your post card, thank you. I'm already bragging about how my buddy Iron Man sent me a post card from Egypt.....see ya' soon. Hope your OK. Al has been asking about you too.